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DIY Cloth Napkins

It's almost Earth Day...celebrate by ditching the paper napkins and making your own cloth napkins with "fat quarter" quilting fabric! Confession time:  I have a quilting fabric addiction...and I'm not even a quilter! Something about the tiny floral patterns and the myriad of pretty colors is so attractive to me. I'm particularly vulnerable to the… Continue reading DIY Cloth Napkins

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5 Ways to Say, “Get Lost, Aphids!”

I was alarmed to find aphid honeydew (aka aphid secretions) on my spinach last week. These little creepy crawlies send me into fits. Last year, they did a number on my okra, devouring it into oblivion. It seems that an enclosed raised bed like mine is great for keeping big bugs, slugs, and animals out,… Continue reading 5 Ways to Say, “Get Lost, Aphids!”