Awards, That Cat of Ours

Fluffed and Pressed.

All this…for me? Shucks, I’m blushin’.

What a fun weekend this has been! Thanks to all who have dropped by Clover and Thyme to read about our feline leash training exploits. I hope you’ll stick around for a taste of this site’s usual fare – yummy recipes and goodness from the garden.

Here’s a little summary of my Friday:

7:00 a.m. – A lovely walk with a dear friend on a trail by our home. I don’t get up at 6:30 for just anybody, you know.

9:00 a.m. – Homeschool. Speaking of cats, have you ever seen the cat herding commercial? Yeah, today’s homeschooling felt a lot like that.

12:30 p.m. : Lunch. The kids are chewing with their mouths open. I share with them our running joke that if they keep it up, they’ll drive mommy crazy, I’ll let out a scream, climb on the roof and do a crazy dance.

12:32 p.m. : Grab my phone to check an email that’s just come through. I let out a high pitched squeal. The kids look at me with genuine fear that mommy might just deliver this time and actually climb on the roof next.

12:35 p.m. : I allay my kids’ fear.
Me: “Kids, remember that post I was typing up last night? It’s been freshly pressed!”
Son: “Freshly wha?”

12:40 p.m. : I show the kids the WordPress Freshly Pressed page. Daughter is thrilled that her boots are featured in the thumbnail. Daughter dances around kitchen singing, “I’m famous! I’m famous!” Son asks if he can have his dessert now. Ego firmly set back in place, I go about the rest of the day, grinning every time my phone buzzes with a WordPress happy gram.

So thanks again for the visits, likes, follows and comments! I appreciate each and every one. And remember, training your cat to walk on a leash is nothing compared to what these guys do…they’re the real heroes.


Featured, That Cat of Ours

Leash Train Your Cat in 7 Excruciating Steps

I don’t post about That Cat of Ours too frequently, as Clover and Thyme is more of a garden and food blog. However, the Weekly Writing Challenge over at WordPress’ Daily Post got me thinking about a “cat post” idea I had back in the spring. I never followed through with it because I just didn’t think it would be relevant to the content of my blog. Today I decided to sit down and finally tackle my idea.

You see, our family has leash trained our cat. It was during one of our strolls around the backyard with Fluffernutter that I thought it might be fun to write a mini-tutorial on leash training your own feline. Please note that I’m not a vet. I’m just sharing our family’s experience in this leash training adventure. So without further ado, here’s something completely different: Leash Train Your Cat in 7 Excruciating Steps.

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In the Garden, That Cat of Ours

Winding Down?

The grow camp and deck garden are starting to send the message that the growing season is coming to a close. After an impressive second wind, the bush beans are spent. I don’t think I’ll be getting much more from them. The tomatoes have also slowed down to a crawl, with only cherry tomatoes still in active production. The eggplant are still producing, even though they were being choked by the cucumber vines (I decided to pull the cucumber plants out today as they were not producing much besides foliage. I did find the cucumber pictured above hiding out under all the vines, though!)

One plant that hasn’t slowed down is my jalapeno! “Spicy,” as the kids have named him, is producing like crazy! I never expected to get this many peppers off of one plant, and this isn’t even all of them!

Fluffers the Cat checks out the harvest.

I have some more recipes to share this week, including an easy green bean side dish and a tomato soup that I created by accident while trying to make tomato sauce! I’ve also been trying my hand at heirloom seed saving. Stay tuned!

P.S. If you want to know more about the furry critter pictured above, you can read his story here.