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Gallery: Brotherly Bond

My daddy grew up in Kansas, Alabama with four brothers and three sisters. He has two surviving sisters and one surviving brother now, and this week his brother is visiting my parents for a few days.  We had a lovely dinner out last night and then came back to our house for dessert. Another round of mini-cheesecakes made an appearance, and after dessert, the two veteran gardening brothers went over to my little garden to give it an inspection. I think I passed!

Dad did end up going home with three broccoli rabe plants and three brussels sprouts from my little shopping trip this past weekend. I did keep one of each, just to see how they’ll do. Here’s a little gallery of our evening.

In the Garden, Photos and Galleries

Gallery: My Rookie Mistake

My mom and dad needed to pick up some hanging flower baskets and impatiens for their backyard and invited us to meet them at a farm and nursery not far from our home. The place was in full bloom with beautiful hanging baskets, petunias, and geraniums as far as the eye could see. What caught my eye, however, was a shelf of young vegetable flats just outside the nursery door. Dad picked up a four-pack of broccoli rabe, and before long I had a four-pack in my hands, too. Then Hubberman spotted brussels sprouts. Pretty soon I was toting a four-pack of those around as well. “I’ll fit them in somewhere,” I reasoned.

Of course, after coming home to research space requirements for brussels sprouts and broccoli rabe, I realized I have absolutely no room for either in my little raised bed. Those guys require a lot of space! Lesson learned – always research first! O well. Looks like my dad will do some surrogate gardening for me this season!

Here’s a gallery of the beautiful farm where we shopped. Photos by my Hubberman.