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The Little Tomato That Could

Remember this sweet little volunteer tomato that peeked out from under the oregano in my Grow Camp?

Here it was that day when I replanted it:

And here it is now! I’m so glad this plant decided to become a part of my deck garden this year:

This plant can be one of two possible cherry tomato plants I had last year – Sugar Sweetie or Tasty Treat. Whichever one it is I’m looking forward to the first harvest.


7 thoughts on “The Little Tomato That Could”

  1. Nice looking plant! It will be a fun surprise to see what type of tomato it bears. I had several volunteer tomato plant pop up in my garden this year, probably 15 or 20, which was hilarious to me because I spent the late winter and early spring nursing along a bunch of tomato plants from seed. I left the strongest looking volunteers in the ground where they came up, so I have tomato plants scattered throughout the garden. Many of them look way better than the ones I grew myself! 🙂

  2. My volunteer tomatoes always seem to do better than those I planted myself. Strange. Yours looks like it’s doing well. 🙂

  3. I love it when there are volunteer plants in my garden. You have a lovely blog…thanks for the follow.

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