Awards, That Cat of Ours

Fluffed and Pressed.

All this…for me? Shucks, I’m blushin’.

What a fun weekend this has been! Thanks to all who have dropped by Clover and Thyme to read about our feline leash training exploits. I hope you’ll stick around for a taste of this site’s usual fare – yummy recipes and goodness from the garden.

Here’s a little summary of my Friday:

7:00 a.m. – A lovely walk with a dear friend on a trail by our home. I don’t get up at 6:30 for just anybody, you know.

9:00 a.m. – Homeschool. Speaking of cats, have you ever seen the cat herding commercial? Yeah, today’s homeschooling felt a lot like that.

12:30 p.m. : Lunch. The kids are chewing with their mouths open. I share with them our running joke that if they keep it up, they’ll drive mommy crazy, I’ll let out a scream, climb on the roof and do a crazy dance.

12:32 p.m. : Grab my phone to check an email that’s just come through. I let out a high pitched squeal. The kids look at me with genuine fear that mommy might just deliver this time and actually climb on the roof next.

12:35 p.m. : I allay my kids’ fear.
Me: “Kids, remember that post I was typing up last night? It’s been freshly pressed!”
Son: “Freshly wha?”

12:40 p.m. : I show the kids the WordPress Freshly Pressed page. Daughter is thrilled that her boots are featured in the thumbnail. Daughter dances around kitchen singing, “I’m famous! I’m famous!” Son asks if he can have his dessert now. Ego firmly set back in place, I go about the rest of the day, grinning every time my phone buzzes with a WordPress happy gram.

So thanks again for the visits, likes, follows and comments! I appreciate each and every one. And remember, training your cat to walk on a leash is nothing compared to what these guys do…they’re the real heroes.



19 thoughts on “Fluffed and Pressed.”

    1. Thanks, PJ Girl! Maybe Fluffers will make more frequent appearances from now on! Thanks for your faithful readership, too 🙂

  1. Yesterday was a FUN day for sure.

    We got back from a picnic on the beach and I found an unusual amount of traffic on SLTW. I started reading comments and found that my humorous “How To Meditate” post had been Freshly Pressed. So, not having any younguns around, I grabbed my cat and showed it to him! 😀

    Glad that WP got your weekend (and mine!) off to a good start.

    I’m looking forward to sampling your tasty fare.

  2. OMG that video is soooo funny! I’ve never seen it before, doubtless a cultural iconic moment only I could miss! Looking forward to perusing your recipes over tomorrow’s tea…I too love fresh from the garden. My herbs do really well up on this mountain because the sruirrels don’t eat them. Of course, they don’t need too, because they’re always stuffed on my lettuces and peas!

    1. I bet you have a fantastic herb garden! I had a small planter box of herbs this year – they did pretty well. I hope you find some recipes to enjoy!

  3. — 9:00 a.m. – Homeschool. Speaking of cats, have you ever seen the cat herding commercial? Yeah, today’s homeschooling felt a lot like that. —
    🙂 My two sisters and I are homeschooled, and I bet my mom feels like that a lot.

  4. Just had to watch the video…love the lint roller. 🙂 Congrats on the Freshly Pressed too…hubby had about the same reaction as your son. “That’s nice. Where’s dinner?”

    1. LOL – I guess it’s one of those things you just don’t “get” unless you are a part of the WP blogging community! Isn’t that video funny?? The lint roller is my favorite part, too.

      1. I think the part I loved the most was the look on the guy’s face as he rolled it over himself. Priceless! 🙂 And yes, hubby is not a blogger, he just gets to read all my stuff. Who knows…someday he may join Blogovia. It could happen!

  5. WOW! I’m behind the schedule, however, I am addicted to the “cat hoarders” video… truly one of the best things I’ve seen in a long time! The actors showing their scratches…..genius! Are there more like this? The cats themselves are beautiful and the icing on the cake? The one man re-winding the ball of yarn…..who hasn’t been forced to do this with kitty’s underfoot?
    I know this late, but it will NEVER get old . . .not in my eyes.

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