In the Garden

Today’s Harvest

Still no tomatoes ready for harvest, but the cucumbers are coming in like crazy, and the bush beans and limas are getting started! There was a jalapeño harvested too, but my son got to it before I could take a photo.



2 thoughts on “Today’s Harvest”

  1. I wish my beans were doing as well as yours. I’ve only had enough for a meal once, and that was saving two days worth of harvest! I had to replant the pole beans three times due to weather changes and they still don’t look good. I planted enough for extras to can, but it ain’t gonna happen! I have a few bush beans, just planted here and there in the cinder block holes of the raised bed. One plant fits perfectly.
    I do have lots of cucumbers though, lemon ones. And more tomatoes than I can manage!

    1. I’ve always wanted to try lemon cucumbers. I hear they are great for juicing, too. Hubberman just ordered a juicer so I’m doing lots of research on that topic lately.

      It has been a very weird growing season, hasn’t it? I hope you reap a good harvest when all is said and done!

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