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Better Late Than Never…

The last few months have been a whirlwind of activity for my family. Homeschool plays, recitals, and the basic ins and outs of life delayed my gardening a bit this year. But I did get my seeds and plants in the ground last month, and things are finally getting green in the garden. Here’s what’s been growin’ this spring. Mouse over for the caption and click for a closer look.


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Some ladies ask for jewelry…

…But I asked for a compost bin!


It was a landmark birthday for me this September. I turned the big four-OH.

And all I really wanted for my birthday was a compost bin. Call me crazy.

I grew up around the old-school, out-in-the-open compost heap, to which was added a continual supply of kitchen and garden scraps. However, after considering our backyard set-up and doing a bit of research (OK, ALOT of research) we decided to go with a drum/tumbler style compost bin, which is designed to create compost in batches.

In a nutshell, “green” and “brown” scraps are added in the proper proportions until the tumbler is filled high enough to make a nice batch without being too hard to turn. Then, you stop adding scraps, and simply turn the drum once a day or every other day for 2-3 weeks or longer while it composts. Eventually, you have yourself a finished batch.

Kitchen scraps await a trip to the tumbler

We are still in the process of adding to our bin, and so far we are making good progress. I figured even though we are moving into colder weather, I could still get things started. if things slowed down in the composting department as the weather cooled, so be it. I can wait for my first completed batch. And as luck would have it, we had a stretch of very warm weather in the high 80’s the past week or so, and that’s gotten things percolating nicely.

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Live and Learn.

Always Google first. I should know this by now! But seriously, what was I to think when I saw this guy in my garden?

photo credit – Berkshire Botanical Garden. I was too freaked out to take a photo of mine.

My first inclination, when I saw this horn worm festooned with white eggs was, “Get it off get it off get it off!” And sadly, that’s what I did. Turns out, mutant horn worms are actually a good thing.

After googling, I discovered that the horn worm clinging to my bell pepper plant was actually playing host to Braconid Wasp eggs, which would have eventually killed it. Once the eggs hatched, the resulting wasps would have done the same to all his friends. Oh well. Live and learn!

Definitely the strangest thing I’ve seen in my garden this season. What’s the strangest thing you’ve seen in yours?