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Gallery: My Rookie Mistake

My mom and dad needed to pick up some hanging flower baskets and impatiens for their backyard and invited us to meet them at a farm and nursery not far from our home. The place was in full bloom with beautiful hanging baskets, petunias, and geraniums as far as the eye could see. What caught… Continue reading Gallery: My Rookie Mistake

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Heirlooms and Chives, Oh My!

Time for a garden update! We're still flirting with a frost each night, so I've been covering up the Grow Camp and the herb garden most nights. Here's the latest: The "salad bowl" lettuce plants have been great. I can barely keep up with them! They have made some lovely salads and added the perfect… Continue reading Heirlooms and Chives, Oh My!

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5 Ways to Say, “Get Lost, Aphids!”

I was alarmed to find aphid honeydew (aka aphid secretions) on my spinach last week. These little creepy crawlies send me into fits. Last year, they did a number on my okra, devouring it into oblivion. It seems that an enclosed raised bed like mine is great for keeping big bugs, slugs, and animals out,… Continue reading 5 Ways to Say, “Get Lost, Aphids!”

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DIY Garden Light Hut

I can't take credit for this idea. Our science book for homeschool last year, Apologia's Exploring Creation With Botany by Jeannie K. Fulbright, included instructions on how to create this as its first lab/activity. I knew as soon as we put this together at the beginning of the school year that I would be using it… Continue reading DIY Garden Light Hut