In the Garden

Super Easy Seed Box

My seed packets desperately needed a home, so I decided to repurpose a small fruit crate for the job. Here's all I used: Small Fruit Crate (mine was a mandarin orange crate) Alphabet Stamps (foam or rubber stamps will work - mine are a throwback from my scrapbooking days) Acrylic Craft Paint Applicator Sponge That's… Continue reading Super Easy Seed Box


Around the House, Featured

DIY Cloth Napkins

It's almost Earth Day...celebrate by ditching the paper napkins and making your own cloth napkins with "fat quarter" quilting fabric! Confession time:  I have a quilting fabric addiction...and I'm not even a quilter! Something about the tiny floral patterns and the myriad of pretty colors is so attractive to me. I'm particularly vulnerable to the… Continue reading DIY Cloth Napkins

In the Garden

DIY Garden Light Hut

I can't take credit for this idea. Our science book for homeschool last year, Apologia's Exploring Creation With Botany by Jeannie K. Fulbright, included instructions on how to create this as its first lab/activity. I knew as soon as we put this together at the beginning of the school year that I would be using it… Continue reading DIY Garden Light Hut