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Super Easy Seed Box


My seed packets desperately needed a home, so I decided to repurpose a small fruit crate for the job. Here’s all I used:

Small Fruit Crate (mine was a mandarin orange crate)
Alphabet Stamps (foam or rubber stamps will work – mine are a throwback from my scrapbooking days)
Acrylic Craft Paint
Applicator Sponge

That’s all you need! It’s super easy…carefully apply your paint to the surface of the stamp using the foam applicator. Next, apply the stamp with even pressure to the side of your crate. If the impression is uneven, you can always use a small paint brush for touch ups. But the idea is to have it look kind of shabby and rustic anyway, so imperfections are good!

Since this type of crate has raised corners, you could stamp several crates and stack them. I plan to make another one for my other seed starting supplies and stack that on top.

How do you store your seeds? Share your ideas in the comments!

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