Time to Expand…

Remember when I said this spring may be the time my family expands beyond the Grow Camp and makes a new raised bed?

raisedbedWell, you are looking at the very beginning stages of a new raised bed garden for our backyard. Because of the abundance of deer in our yard, Hubberman is tricking this raised bed out with a screened in framework to keep out critters both small and tall.

I’ll be posting updates on this project as it progresses, step by step.

One thought on “Time to Expand…

  1. Lisa says:

    Raised beds (and large pots) are all I use because of my clay soil. The sturdiest ones I built are of cinder blocks, but I’m not sure how you would make a cover for them. I don’t have deer or rabbits, just my dogs, and a little fence around the beds work until the plants are big. Also, one bed is 2 cinder blocks high, and that is tall enough to discourage the dogs!
    Be careful where you get your soil. I bought 5 yards of “garden mix” that didn’t have a single nutrient in it! I had to dig in bag after bag of manure, potting soil, and plant-based compost.

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