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Heirlooms and Chives, Oh My!

Time for a garden update! We’re still flirting with a frost each night, so I’ve been covering up the Grow Camp and the herb garden most nights. Here’s the latest:

The “salad bowl” lettuce plants have been great. I can barely keep up with them! They have made some lovely salads and added the perfect crunch to our sandwiches.

The little lettuce blend I planted from seed is coming along well, as is the swiss chard, which is showing it’s true leaves (far right of the photo, in shade.) It’s time to thin out the chard. I’m going to try to transplant what I thin, since there is still room in the camp. Crossing my fingers and hoping they survive!

The spinach seems to be aphid free for now. I’m still noticing some white specks under the leaves, but I think these are just calcium deposits. Notice the yellow bowl hanging out between them?

The red cabbage seem happy and bug free. The yellow flowers are the ranunculus I planted to lure the aphids. Ironically, I see no aphids on them. They’re pretty, though, either way.

The microgreens have sprouted, but they have been a bit of a pain in the toosh. On Easter Sunday, I neglected to water them in the morning and about a third of my containers bit the dust. I’ve been trying to nurse the survivers back to health ever since.

In the herb planter, the parsley and thyme have weathered the cold nights with the help of a cardboard cover my husband made for the top. The basil and cilantro sprouted, but the chives never did. So I bought some! So there, chives!

We finally have some activity in the light hut. My bell peppers have been major slow pokes. Three out of the six are finally sprouting.

These are Paul Robeson heirloom tomatoes my dad gave me from his seed collection. They were a little slow to sprout as well, but they seem quite happy now.

Dad also gifted me with some Dagma’s Perfection heirloom tomato seeds. They too have sprouted. In the background, those are Sugar Sweetie cherry tomato sprouts. These are the bad boys that took over my Grow Camp last year. They will have a home on our deck this time around.

So that’s the latest! Have a fantastic weekend!!


14 thoughts on “Heirlooms and Chives, Oh My!”

  1. Looks like you’ve gotten off to a great start on the growing season! Something is majorly eating spinach, okra, and even a marigold plant in the front garden. I’m starting to wonder if it’s moths???

    1. Shouldn’t be too long now. This weekend is supposed to be warm and beautiful, so I think we’re in the clear for the next few days.

    1. Yeah, it seems like the Grow Camp plants are ahead of schedule, but I feel like my tomatoes and peppers are being real slow pokes! 🙂

  2. Your herb planter is really nice and I love the red cabbages!! I’m growing some cabbages from seed but they seem to be quite slow growing.

    1. Thanks! I’m enjoying having the herbs right on the deck, close to the kitchen. I remember my cabbages last year took their sweet time, too.

  3. Your garden is one to strive for! My husband and I are getting quite into our gardening and hope to achieve what you have so far 🙂

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