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Great Growth Under Gray Skies

This past weekend brought copious amounts of much needed rain to our area. So much so, in fact, that we closed up the Grow Camp so it wouldn’t get water logged with the rapid rainfall. Sadly, I didn’t catch it in time for my microgreen trays. They were swamped. The rest of the garden looked lush and happy this morning, though.

The broccoli rabe is in the foreground above. He’s doing great! I’m glad I squeezed one in.

The lettuce blend I planted from seed has taken off! We’re having a big ol’ salad tomorrow for lunch!

Swiss chard is on the top left above.

Time for beer traps! These slugs are doing a number on my lettuce.

That’s me making faces at the slugs. In the foreground is the oregano from last year. It’s huge! And yes, I’m digging around in my garden in a white cardigan. Because I’m intelligent and practical like that. Ha.

I love all the lush green! Makes me happy on a cloudy day.


13 thoughts on “Great Growth Under Gray Skies”

      1. I plant Rosemary, basil and flowers. This year I am planting some minature butterfly bushes that I got from the internet and are guarenteed to bloom this year and I am going to plant a couple off mini boxwoods with annuals in the pots so I have some greenery on the deck in the winter months.

    1. LOL, yes, I’m right there with you… I was out in the garden this morning in quite an ensemble: NIght shirt, PJ pants, a cardigan and a jacket. Oh, and my Slogger clogs. What a sight! 🙂

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