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Peas, Lettuce, Volunteers and More

Took the cell phone out to the garden this afternoon... The peas are finally taking off - I just hope it's not too late in the season. They got such a slow start. The lettuce in front of the peas were supposed to be reserved for microgreens, but they were doing so well, I decided… Continue reading Peas, Lettuce, Volunteers and More

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Autumn Garden Gallery

  A Grow Camp update is long overdue. The only remnant from the summer vegetables are the bell peppers and they are still going strong, despite the cold evenings we have had lately. So far, my autumn plantings are doing great - red and green leaf lettuce, onions and arugula are all sprouted and growing.… Continue reading Autumn Garden Gallery

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Lettuce’s Last Call

I think this week will be the last harvest for my lettuce. It's big, full, floppy, and crying out to be put into a salad before it's way past its prime. My arugula has flowered, and while I still think its flavor is quite yummy, I think I will be harvesting that, too. Does anyone… Continue reading Lettuce’s Last Call

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May Garden Goings On

Time for a garden update! Above: The Salad Bowl lettuce has been harvested. This space will wait for bush bean seeds in a few days. The arugula and "Gourmet Blend" lettuce is still going strong. I will be making a big salad tonight from some of it. Beyond it is the chard... It's really taken… Continue reading May Garden Goings On

In the Garden

Great Growth Under Gray Skies

This past weekend brought copious amounts of much needed rain to our area. So much so, in fact, that we closed up the Grow Camp so it wouldn't get water logged with the rapid rainfall. Sadly, I didn't catch it in time for my microgreen trays. They were swamped. The rest of the garden looked… Continue reading Great Growth Under Gray Skies