In the Garden

Peas, Lettuce, Volunteers and More

Took the cell phone out to the garden this afternoon…


The peas are finally taking off – I just hope it’s not too late in the season. They got such a slow start.


The lettuce in front of the peas were supposed to be reserved for microgreens, but they were doing so well, I decided to let them keep on growing. They taste great. We’ve already been harvesting this for salads. Continue reading “Peas, Lettuce, Volunteers and More”

In the Garden

Purples and Greens

This past Tuesday, I raked in my best harvest yet – a basketful of pretty purples and greens!

The bush beans had dwindled over the past few weeks, but it seems they have gotten a second wind! This is the most I have been able to harvest in one day.

The jalapenos are going to wait for a few more of their friends to join them and then they are destined to become poppers.

The purple pepper is the very first from my carnival pepper seeds. These plants are not big producers (they weren’t last year, either) but they sure are pretty when they do produce!

Last but not least, the eggplant! I’m still thinking about what to do with these beauties. We have already done eggplant parmesan, and I’m already planning on breading and frying the poppers, so I’d rather not bread and fry the eggplant, too. Any ideas, fellow gardeners and veggie lovers? Tell me how you like your eggplant!