In the Garden

May Garden Goings On

Time for a garden update!

Above: The Salad Bowl lettuce has been harvested. This space will wait for bush bean seeds in a few days. The arugula and “Gourmet Blend” lettuce is still going strong. I will be making a big salad tonight from some of it. Beyond it is the chard…

It’s really taken off in the past few days. Swiss Chard is such a pretty plant. I love the red and green.

Above:  The tomato and pepper seedlings are out today getting some fresh air.

The cabbages are huge – still waiting for some “cabbage making activity” in the center.

Onions are moving right along! Beyond them, the spinach has been completely harvested. This is where I’ll be planting the peppers.

I trimmed a healthy amount of oregano today, so that he will play fair with all his neighbors.

Look what I found peeking up from the oregano! A tomato plant that sprouted from last year’s tomato jungle! I’m transplanting this little surprise!

Here he is! Hope he does OK!

My oregano bundle – we had raviolis for lunch with olive oil, sweet peas, and you guessed it – oregano! The rest I will dry.

And here’s the last of the spinach! What to make…what to make…healthy sauté? Or decadent creamed spinach? I’m leaning toward decadent.

What’s your favorite spinach recipe?

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18 thoughts on “May Garden Goings On”

  1. I harvested my first spinach over the weekend and turned it into a HUGE salad. Next harvest will be used in a spinach pie, but I also love saute’ing it with butter, onion and garlic and scrambling the whole mess into fluffy eggs with mozzarella cheese and sometimes diced ham.

  2. I harvested my swiss chard last night!! I can’t wait to blog about it. This is so exciting. Your veggies are all amazing looking!! Creamed spinach sounds wonderful, with some spaghetti..haha.

  3. Beautiful! I’d totally go decadent with the spinach. I am totally jealous of your surprise tomato plant, too — he’s a survivor!!

    1. Thanks! Yes, that tomato plant really took me by surprise! He looks 3 times better (and healthier!) than my tomato seedlings!!

  4. Just harvested green beans and peas, and the new lettuce is growing. Just harvested a surprise acorn squash that I did not plant. Must have been a seed in the compost!

  5. What a fresh and lovely post! Good luck with the rest of your gardening year, looks like the cools weather crops did fantastic!! We would love for you to link up to our Farm Fresh Friday Blog Hop! It’s all about home grown, hand made and keepin’ it fresh! Have a joyous weekend in the garden and doing what you love!!

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