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Review: Three Sisters Graham Crackerz

I’ve decided to add a review category to my blog, called “Worth the Thyme.” Sorry, I couldn’t resist the play on words. For my first review, I’d like to share my thoughts on a breakfast cereal I recently discovered. But first, a little back story.

Back in the summer of 1992, I served on Summer Staff at a Young Life camp for teens in New York called Lake Champion. For the month of July, I served the campers in the camp snack bar, making super thick milk shakes and sundaes. In addition to building friendships, I built up some fantastic bicep muscles doing all that ice cream scooping! Anyway, one of the highlights of our busy days on staff was mealtime in the dining hall. This dining hall is where I discovered my favorite breakfast cereal, Golden Grahams. Just the taste of them brings me back to that month in July. (As a side note, they made a mean breakfast pizza there, too, but that’s a recipe for another day.)

Nowadays, as a whole foods seeking mom of two, Golden Grahams has sort of fallen out of favor in my household, what with the artificial flavors and BHT contained within. And I don’t know about you, but usually, when I try to duplicate the taste of a old favorite processed food with something a little more healthy, the healthy counterpart will taste good, maybe even great, but not the same.

Now, I know there is a whole host of opinions on “healthy” processed foods. One opinion eschews all processed food, whether it has “organic” on the label or not. Others would still be OK with giving the kids an occasional sandwich cookie, for example, as long as it was Newman-O’s instead of Oreos. I respect all the opinions on this spectrum. As for me, I’m OK with healthy convenience food. We buy organic, pre-packaged cookies, fruit snacks, and mac and cheese among other things. Shoot, I’m willing to admit we sometimes still buy the full on bad-for-you versions in a pinch. The ideal, of course, is convenient and healthy, which brings me, finally, to my review.

Three Sisters Graham Crackerz Cereal tastes better than Golden Grahams. It doesn’t just come close, but actually exceeds the mainstream brand in both flavor and texture. It’s not too sweet, with a perfect graham cracker flavor. So far, I have only had them in a bowl with milk the usual way, but I can’t wait to try other recipes with this like snack mixes and desserts.

Edited to add: Here’s the nutrition label – 

So that was a whole lot of rambling for just a short review, but I hope you will give this cereal a try. It’s scrumptious!

Note: I purchased Three Sisters Graham Crackerz Cereal at Whole Foods, where it is available exclusively. 

Have a great weekend!


6 thoughts on “Review: Three Sisters Graham Crackerz”

  1. These sound worth a try! What’s the sugar content? I’m a sugar-content-counter, myself; I don’t stock the pantry with much cereal besides Cheerios (although I was raised on Captain Crunch, so in a way I’m depriving my children of my own sweet cereal childhood memories). I came home from the grocery store one day and announced to my kids that I had brought them a treat. They were disappointed–really, a bit miffed-to find that it was Raisin Bran. So, thanks for the review. By the way, I like your new category title and your disclaimer. 🙂

    1. Yes, my own kids aren’t real big cereal eaters either. Though they do like this graham cereal. I’ll see if I can find the nutrition info graphic online and edit the post with it. Hope you are having a great weekend.

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