In the Garden

July Garden Gallery

What a strange growing season it’s been. The rain just didn’t stop in June and the first half of July, which really seemed to wreak havoc on all the plants’ usual growing habits. But now, finally, the heat has turned up, things are drying out (a bit) and lots of growth is happening all over the garden. Here’s a look!

What’s new in your garden? Has the weather behaved in your neck of the woods? Do tell!


4 thoughts on “July Garden Gallery”

  1. What a beautiful garden! Everything looks so healthy & vibrant! I like the idea of the garden enclosure – where did you get that idea? I think I need something like that to help keep the critters out!

  2. And….I just went back through your blog, and saw the post about building the enclosure 🙂 ….so now I know where to look for that idea!

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