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Indoor Seedling Highlights

Well. A lot has been going on in the world since my last post. Thankfully, my little indoor seedlings seem completely oblivious to all of the unprecedented upheaval, and they have been a welcome distraction to me over the past two months of quarantine. Gardening has always brought me solace, but that seems especially true this year. Here’s a little photo update of what my seedlings have been doing, from sprouting, planting up, to today. I’ve begun to harden them off in preparation for planting outdoors after the final threat of frost has passed. This spring has been very cool in our area, so I’m being quite cautious.

February 21st

After about a week of dark, toasty time over a heating mat, my seedlings sprouted. This year I planted in sectioned peat pots, but next year I think I will try reusable plastic. Still debating that.

March 10th

Great growth from the get-go! Right around the time I was planting my peas outside, my indoor seedlings were showing their first true leaves. I pinched off the extra seedlings in each pot.

March 13th

This week I potted up the tomatoes and the okra, giving them a little seedling fertilizer with their transplant.

March 17th

Everything adjusted well to repotting, and by March 17th, it was looking like my peppers and eggplant were going to need new homes too.

April 2nd

Tomatoes are taking off, and some of the eggplant have joined the okra in bigger pots.

April 4th

Just about everything has been potted up, and some seedlings were put in reusable plastic pots so I could decide which I liked best.

April 9th

Everything’s thriving and growing great, including my tray of baby greens, which are ready for harvest.

May 8th

And here they are today! Everything is just aching to get outside. I decided to place my okra over the heated mat, because they just didn’t seem as happy as my other plants. I saw an improvement right away. In addition, I planted some herbs and flowers which are just getting going.


2 thoughts on “Indoor Seedling Highlights”

  1. Love it! And jealous! My first year with a (window, I heated) greenhouse and I went a little crazy! Several plants did very well and others tanked. Wish they were all along farther but oh well. Learning curve for next year! Thanks for the update! Jen

    1. It’s hard not to go a little crazy, isn’t it? And yes, every year will teach new lessons. I hope you have a wonderful growing season!

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