Sides and Soups

Three Cheese Corn Casserole - Welcome to Thanksgiving Prep Week! All week long, I’ll be posting tried-and-true recipes well-suited for the Thanksgiving table. Some of these recipes are recent finds, while others have had a place of honor in my recipe box since I was a newlywed. I hope in these recipes you’ll find just the right addition to your… Continue reading Three Cheese Corn Casserole
Sweet Potato Casserole - Welcome to day two of Thanksgiving Prep Week! My sister-in-law shared this next recipe with me. I was immediately smitten with the alternating stripes of pecans and marshmallows. Guests can go for a portion that’s topped mainly with pecans, one that’s more marshmallow-y, or go for a mixture of both! The sweet potatoes underneath those… Continue reading Sweet Potato Casserole
Sesame Green Beans - All those green beans I harvested several weeks back were put to good use in this simple, easy side dish. I’ve had this recipe sitting in draft mode for about a week or more, but other tasks and a much anticipated and enjoyed visit from my sister-in-law and nieces took precedence last week. So now,… Continue reading Sesame Green Beans
Serendipitous Tomato Soup - It all started with an old, old recipe. This is my favorite recipe for authentic Italian gravy (a.k.a. tomato sauce.) It was passed down to me by my mom and dad, who received it from my aunt’s Italian mother-in-law (who heard it from her father’s uncle – just kidding – but it really did come… Continue reading Serendipitous Tomato Soup
Red Lentil Soup - Savory like chili, but not as spicy, this soup is both comfort food and health food all in one delightful bowl. Lentils’ health benefits include fiber, of course, but they contribute significant amounts of folate, iron and magnesium, too. What I like best about lentils? They are super easy to prepare. No long pre-soaks like… Continue reading Red Lentil Soup
My Favorite Veggie Blend! - This is my current favorite way to do mixed veggies. Nothing complicated here, just pure veggie yumminess. 🙂 First, I just blanched the potatoes and carrots in boiling water for the length of time that it took me to rinse and trim my brussels sprouts. Then I tossed the sprouts in the water for the… Continue reading My Favorite Veggie Blend!
Mac and Cheese in the Rice Cooker - I have found this to be one of the easiest (and yummiest) ways to prepare mac and cheese. The pasta cooks quickly in the rice cooker, and while your pasta is cooking you can shred your cheeses to have ready to stir in once the rice cooker has done its job. I have listed swiss,… Continue reading Mac and Cheese in the Rice Cooker
Fingerling Potatoes on the Grill - I love this time of year. We’re right on the cusp of summer. This week we have experienced a surge of hot days that have necessitated the use of the sprinkler, water balloons, a generous allotment of limeade popsicles and of course, the grill! I purchased some fingerling potatoes at the market earlier this week,… Continue reading Fingerling Potatoes on the Grill
5 Homemade Seasoning & Soup Mixes - These pantry mixes (and one refrigerator mix) have quickly become staples in my cooking. By using these mixes instead of store-bought packets, kits, and cans, I am able to keep track of (and pronounce) each and every ingredient. I also have more control of the amount of salt and MSG in the final product.