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A Grow Camp update is long overdue. The only remnant from the summer vegetables are the bell peppers and they are still going strong, despite the cold evenings we have had lately. So far, my autumn plantings are doing great – red and green leaf lettuce, onions and arugula are all sprouted and growing. I just hope my onions get big and strong enough to last through the winter. Enjoy the gallery…mouse over for captions. I threw in a photo of one of our pretty yellow mums for good measure. Happy Monday!

In the Garden

Trouble in Paradise

As I was watering my Grow Camp this morning, I noticed some trouble brewing in Squashville.

If I’m not mistaken, this is blossom end rot. It’s quite a bummer, because these squash were looking really good so far. I have a feeling this has to do with soil depletion (specifically calcium) where I planted them. I’ve been a bit cavalier about where I’ve planted things, not really heeding any soil prep guidelines. Seems I’m paying the price for placing my squash in already depleted soil.

With limited space comes limited patience. I’m afraid I might just have to yank these guys out of the Grow Camp if they are just going to rot on the vine. They are taking up A LOT of space.

Gardening gurus…is there hope for recovery, or should I yank these puppies out of my square foot garden? Any advice would be much appreciated!