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Lettuce’s Last Call

I think this week will be the last harvest for my lettuce. It’s big, full, floppy, and crying out to be put into a salad before it’s way past its prime. My arugula has flowered, and while I still think its flavor is quite yummy, I think I will be harvesting that, too.

Does anyone have a great recipe for arugula, besides the typical salad? I’m open for suggestions! Once the arugula is out of the bed, my bush beans will have more room to stretch out…

They are growing up fast. But I think something is nibbling on the leaves…any of my garden expert readers have any suggestions as to what might be doing this? These are in my raised bed enclosure, so it’s got to be a smallish bug in order for it to get in there.

I bought some additional bush bean plants today to supplement my chewed-on, from-seed beans, but I’m holding off on planting them until I find out what’s snacking on what’s already in the Grow Camp.

Once the arugula and lettuce are out, some eggplant and a sweet yellow banana pepper plant are moving in, too. That’s about it in the garden for now – I’ll leave you for the night with a parting cabbage and herb garden photo. 🙂


13 thoughts on “Lettuce’s Last Call”

  1. Your veggies look fabulous compared to my poor, scraggly, half chewed up garden. The squash bugs have killed off all the zucchini and acorn squash plants, and an entire row of lettuce seedlings disappeared overnight. I’m not giving up without a fight!

  2. Great shots Becky, try the arugula rolled in some chicken with procuitto and provolone saute and add a little chicken stock and white wine and finish off in the oven. It is really good with freash sage too.

  3. Something has completely destroyed my brussels sprouts and is now working on my broccoli and beans. I’ve done the soapy water solution, but it doesn’t seem to be discouraging them at all. 😦 I’m trying to avoid chemicals on the plants but I’m running out of patience with the dang bugs!

    My salad mix is getting there, but not quite as ready as yours! Now my spinach and the swiss chard are a completely different story…we are having spinach/chard salad every night!

  4. I’ve heard arugula is good on pizza, though I haven’t tried it yet. Your lettuce looks great. I got a few harvests but a lot of mine stayed real small, especially my arugula. I’m wondering if it was because it was so cold during the first couple of weeks after I sowed the seeds. I’ll try again late summer.

    1. Arugula on pizza sounds like a great idea! I might try that this week with what I have remaining. I think I will do a late summer planting of lettuce and arugula, too…use up my seeds and give me an excuse to by fresh seeds next year. 🙂

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