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Easy Freezey

20121109-163430.jpgFrom the “I’m sure everyone else has already figured this out department,” I have been notorious for opening a big can of pumpkin, and using only a small portion for a recipe. The rest of the can gets stuck in the fridge only to be discovered weeks later when the pumpkin has morphed from leftover to science experiment. This time I vowed to change my pumpkin wasting ways. I took two of my favorite 1 cup prep bowls, spooned the pumpkin into them, and popped them in the freezer. A day later, I pulled them out, popped them out of the bowls, and transferred them to a freezer bag. Now I have 1 cup of pumpkin all measured out next time I need it. It’s a food preservation victory!

What are your favorite freezer preservation tips?


10 thoughts on “Easy Freezey”

  1. Why have I never thought of this before??

    My favorite is to make pesto in big batches right about now, when the plants are about to have their last gasp, and freeze it for a rainy day. It becomes the base for a super-quick dinner, since you can easily toss it with some pasta or frozen ravioli, or spread it on a grilled cheese sandwich, and you have yourself a meal.

    1. Yes! I like freezing pesto, too! I had store bought pesto in a jar in my fridge and transferred it to my favorite freezer friend, my ice cube tray! Then I had nice little portions ready for whenever. Love your idea to put it on grilled cheese! Yum!

    1. I like doing that, too. We got out of the habit though, when our vacuum bag sealer broke. We really need to start doing that again. It saves so much $$!

  2. Yay! Food waste is a waste of food. 😉

    We freeze sauerkraut and/or pushcart onions in small servings to top occasional veggie dogs.

    I also keep cornmeal and flax in the freezer to keep it from turning rancid.

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