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Recycled Celery


Hello, 2015, and hello winter! The garden is cleared out, the compost tumbler is in hibernation mode, and everything outside is “battened-down” for the next few cold months ahead. Time to grow some green indoors. I plan on planting a few herbs on my window sill next week (parsley, cilantro, and maybe some basil) and since I was done with a bunch of celery in the fridge, I did this little project again this afternoon. Did you know you can put the end of your celery bunch in water to use as a fun houseplant? Just place your celery end so it is just touching the surface of the water in a jar or container. Within a day or two, you will start seeing growth at the center of the celery bunch! So fun. Depending on the size of your container, you might need toothpicks to help keep your celery end from slipping in.

Recycle your celery!
Here’s one I rooted previously, a few days into its growth.

I’ll be keeping my recycled celery in water and use it solely for winter-time decoration this time around. However, you could plant it in fertile soil and add it right to your garden! Read more about it at HuffPost Taste, Garden Swag, and 17 Apart.

How about you? Will you be growing any herbs or veggies indoors this winter?


3 thoughts on “Recycled Celery”

  1. This is a great idea, just anything growing green in the house is such a comfort in the winter isn’t it.. I also pop the root ends of spring onions into s pot of soil and they grow more shoots! Have a lovely day.. c

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