In the Garden

A Changing Landscape

My little square foot garden has changed quite a bit in the past few weeks! Here’s a garden update:

My bush beans are thriving where the lettuce used to be. I figured out that it was rolie polie bugs eating at their leaves – thankfully, they like partying with the slugs in my beer traps at night so the damage has decreased greatly.

Behind the bush beans are two eggplants (they have the plant supports around them) and what remains of the swiss chard. I harvested a bunch before this photo was taken and it is now blanched and sitting in the freezer for a future side dish.

Pictured above are my bell pepper plants, which have room to breathe now that the cabbages are making their exit. The two bigger peppers are a sweet yellow pepper and the jalapeno pepper plant that the kids have nicknamed “Spicy.”

Up top of this photo are the last two cabbages. I drastically cut back my oregano because he was starting to take over. The little onions in the center of the photo are finally big enough to use. Two of them graced the top of our nachos at lunch today!

That’s it for now!


10 thoughts on “A Changing Landscape”

    1. Thanks, Robin Jean Marie. 🙂 It’s just the right size – very manageable. Though I keep getting tempted to create more raised beds! Maybe next year.

  1. Your garden looks great! I’m wondering what types of things you made with your cabbage? I have several heads in my garden and need to harvest them. Was going to do some easy sauerkraut for sure.

    1. I’ve made the red cabbage slaw that I posted a week or two ago. I liked it so much I made it once more for a picnic I attended. For the remaining two, I’m not sure. I’ve read you can blanch it successfully and freeze it, so I might try that.

  2. Your garden is so pretty! Very lovely. Thanks for the reminder that I need to get the rest of my chard and spinach harvested, blanched and frozen SOON!!!! Like, today.

    1. Thanks, Jenn! Yes, my swiss chard was calling out to me, “Save us! Before we are past our prime!” I finally listened to them. 🙂

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