Desserts and Baked Goods

Banana Muffins with Cream Cheese Frosting (3/26/2012) - Delicious, Classic banana muffins with a rich cream cheese frosting. A touch of lemon juice adds a wonderful zing to the frosting.
Beyond the Toast: 4 Yummy Recipes Featuring Avocado (2/5/2020) - Expand your use of this healthy fruit with these four recipes, featuring a green smoothie, avocado dressing, chocolate avocado bread, and chocolate avocado pudding.
Boston Brown Bread with Milk Kefir (11/5/2015) - This school year brings American History lessons back to our homeschool, and one of the recent activities suggested in my daughter’s curriculum was making a colonial recipe. The recipe below is my take on Boston Brown Bread, using milk kefir instead of buttermilk. If you don’t have milk kefir, you can substitute buttermilk back instead.
Chocolate Chocolate Chip Muffins (2/28/2014) - You really can't go wrong with any recipe that has "chocolate" twice in its name, can you? Well, this recipe is no exception. I originally found this recipe on The only thing I did differently was to use the extra muffin batter for a brownie-like cake.
Chocolate Peanut Butter Bars (2/6/2014) - These decadent treats taste just like the brand name peanut butter cups, only butter I mean, better! This is one of those recipes that I feel necessitates a disclaimer. These are so, so good, but…the butter. Oh, so much butter. How could they not be good, right? I make these on special occasions (Christmas, Father’s Day,… Continue reading Chocolate Peanut Butter Bars
Coffee Cake for Chilly Mornings (10/11/2012) - This cake has that perfect coffee cake texture, dense, but tender and not dry at all. It has just enough cinnamon and buttery richness without being too much.
Mini-Cheesecakes (4/3/2012) - I suspect I’ll be posting recipes quite a bit this week since I’m in full scale menu planning mode for this Sunday. I originally found this recipe on This past Christmas, I adapted it to be gluten free for my mom who has Celiac Disease. She liked them so much she requested them for Easter. So… Continue reading Mini-Cheesecakes
Oatmeal Raspberry Bars (4/16/2012) - These oatmeal raspberry bars remind me of cereal bars. They keep great in the fridge (if they last that long!) If you don't like raspberry, feel free to experiment with other jams and preserves!
Pumpkin Muffin Monday (10/15/2012) - It’s Muffin Monday here at our house (I love a good meal planning alliteration, don’t you?) This Monday I’ll be departing from our usual chocolate chip muffins for something a little more autumnal…Pumpkin Muffins! This recipe makes quite a bit of batter. It can yield one standard 12 muffin pan, and a pan of 24… Continue reading Pumpkin Muffin Monday
Pumpkin Pie (11/16/2012) - It’s the final day of Thanksgiving Prep Week, and what better way to finish things off than with dessert! This is a classic pumpkin pie recipe that I have had in my collection for at least 20 years. I tweak it a bit for my hubberman’s tastes (he hates nutmeg with a burning hot passion.)… Continue reading Pumpkin Pie
Shhhh…Don’t Tell My Arteries. (7/16/2012) - I’m a from-scratch kind of girl. If I make it from the beginning, I know what’s in it. Simple as that. Normally I eschew all forms of box mixes except a select few that I know are all natural. I’m also an artery-conscious kind if girl. Both my husband’s cholesterol and mine have a tendency… Continue reading Shhhh…Don’t Tell My Arteries.
Strawberry Lemonade Jello (6/2/2012) - Several weeks ago, our family attended a memorial service for an extended family member. Afterward, the entire extended family had the pleasure of dining in the home of an Amish family in the area. These pretty little jellos greeted us as we arrived and served as our appetizer.   My daughter and I were so… Continue reading Strawberry Lemonade Jello
Triple Berry Crisp (5/18/2012) - Here’s another family favorite. While the title and ingredients indicate this is a triple berry crisp, I use this crisp recipe for any fruit. Sometimes I stick with berries (I used blueberries, raspberries and strawberries in the version pictured,) but other times I use this recipe with apples or cherries. Mmmm. Cherries. Is it June… Continue reading Triple Berry Crisp