In the Garden

Peas, Lettuce, Volunteers and More

Took the cell phone out to the garden this afternoon…


The peas are finally taking off – I just hope it’s not too late in the season. They got such a slow start.


The lettuce in front of the peas were supposed to be reserved for microgreens, but they were doing so well, I decided to let them keep on growing. They taste great. We’ve already been harvesting this for salads.


There always seems to be some little volunteers to surprise me in the garden. I found this guy above, I think he’s a tomato. I’ll be keeping an eye on him and transplant him if he is indeed a tomato.


This dill appeared out of the blue – We haven’t had dill in this area in two years! I’ll move  it to a pot this week.

kaleI got a little antsy with some of my indoor sprouts and decided to plant my kale and eggplant in the Grow Camp. The kale is doing just fine…


…but the eggplant? Not so much. I’m not sure what’s happening with them. Any ideas?


7 thoughts on “Peas, Lettuce, Volunteers and More”

  1. Looks like flea beetles and a bit of blight on the eggplant. Eggplant like it hot and fairly dry. It it’s cool and wet, they are more susceptible to bugs and disease.

    The number of volunteers I have coming up this year is surprising! Melons already, cucumbers, tomatoes out the yinyang and lettuces. 😀

    1. Thanks for the input, Jenn – I was hoping you would see this post and comment! That would explain the eggplants, it has been cool and wet the past few days. Think they will pull through? Or is it too late for them?

      Congrats on all your willing volunteers!

      1. I think they will be fine, if it dries up and warms up. They aren’t totally blighted yet, just starting. Some of the leaves may die off, but new ones should come in strong and healthy. Flea beetles will leave them alone once they are healthier.

  2. The lettuce looks amazing! I tried a few last year, but wasn’t nearly as successful as you have been. Kind of gave up on it, and moving on to different things now.
    Your planter is really very cool – but it’s about the size of my backyard! Your backyard is HUGE!! I have to fit my plants in wherever I can – but it’s still fun.

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