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Our Thanksgiving Table

We’re in full scale planning mode for Thanksgiving over here! Hubberman has purchased the turkey, I’m gathering ingredients for our side dishes, and I’m putting the finishing touches on the Thanksgiving decor around the house.

I thought I would share our Thanksgiving “tablescape” (and the little helper I had as I was arranging things.)

Autumn Table

Autumn Table

Autumn Table

Cat Centerpiece

Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving next week!

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Hometalk DIY Pest Control Roundup!

I’m always in a bit of a quandary when people ask me, “What’s your favorite season?” There is something I like (and dislike) about every season. I think they are all my favorite for one reason or another.

In winter it’s that first glittery snowfall I adore. Spring, the smell of flowers wafting in the air. Autumn’s crisp, sunny afternoons can’t be beat. And summer – the thick green foliage, the veggies and fresh fruit, ice cream, sprinklers, What’s not to love about summer?

Oh yeah. The bugs. Creepy crawlers. Hungry critters. I could do without the mosquitoes, veggie eating slugs, home invading ants, and garden ravaging deer that come along with the summer months. and I get the impression I’m not the only one!

Well, the good folks at Hometalk asked me to browse through the posts on their site, and pin a collection of bug and critter control Hometalk posts. I found some great ones, all of which approach bug and critter control from a more natural, DIY perspective. I invite you to check them out! You’ll recognize some posts from my blog, along with posts from other great bloggers on Hometalk as well.

19 DIY Pest Control Projects on Hometalk

Do you have a DIY bug trap to share? Have you had a critter control success story in your garden this summer? Share them on Hometalk! There is a friendly Hometalk community waiting to read your post! Let me know about it too…I’ll include it on my pinboard!

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Never Failed Me Yet Ant Bait

It’s that time of year. Sometimes they show up, sometimes they don’t. Sometimes they are big, sometimes they are small. Sometimes there are many, sometimes just a few. But mercifully, no matter how many of these little darlings decide to show up in my kitchen in the spring, I only need to see them for about one day out of 365. Once I put out my delicious ant buffet, they are so “satisfied” they never come back. At least until next year.

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